The Merry Christmas Shop

A Dillard landmark for almost 30 years, The Merry Christmas Shop has had several owners, each adding his or her specific style to the store. Although it was completely remodeled in 2005, another 1,400 square feet has recently been added creating wider aisles and more elbow room.  From top selling Department 56 Villages to the wildly popular Jim Shore figurines and Willow Tree angels, owner Ben McInnes handpicks items that he himself enjoys.  “If I don’t like it, it doesn’t come into the store.”

The shop also features college–themed merchandise from universities in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Also popular are the “Byers Choice Carolers,” famous for their Handcrafted-in-America label. McInnes also features a wide assortment of ornaments like ballerinas, cowboys (and girls), hunting and fishing designs and every imaginable combination in between. The shop’s inventory also offers décor items for autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

McInnes says he has something for everyone!  “People will stick their heads in the door and comment, ‘Oh it’s just Christmas,’ then they take a second look and see all the wonderful seasonal gift items we have.  Then they browse for an hour.”

Located on the boardwalk, next to the Dillard General Store, The Merry Christmas Shop is a –MUST SEE.

(706) 746-5899